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Thursday, 23 June 2011

From Property of Zack: Pete Wentz Discusses Relationship With Patrick Stump

In a new interview, Pete Wentz discussed the influences behind Black Cards, how being a father has changed him, and his relation with Patrick Stump. Wentz described how the two are forever intertwined due to their chemistry and how stepping away from Fall Out Boy has allowed the both to step closer to each other as friends once again. Read the full interview here and a snippet of it below by clicking “Read More”.

Many great rock partnerships—Lennon and McCartney, Jagger-Richards—have done work apart, but there’s something special about what they do together. I asked Patrick Stump this question, as well. Are you two forever intertwined because of that special chemistry you have as collaborators?
Yeah. I mean, I think so. In the way that, I mean, I’ve never really communicated with somebody in a creative way the way I have with Patrick. That, definitely over the years, has grown and changed. We’ve gotten to know each other, what irritates each other and how to not do it—and sometimes how to irritate each other on purpose.
    One of the greatest things about having the space and the freedom to focus on our own things is that we’ve rekindled the friendship just for the sake of friendship. That’s really important to me. He came over to my house for Easter and we did the Easter egg hunt. When you have a kid, you want your closest friends to be involved in his or her life.
    But yeah, I do think we’re forever kind of connected, and we’re kind of kindred spirits as far as that goes. He’s always the person I can still call, and he just gets it. It’s weird, because he doesn’t have to insert anything into what I’m saying to him or whatever. It’s great to be able to have had the breadth [of experience] that we’ve had, because I think I’m able to enjoy what he’s doing on his own now. If we had kept doing Fall Out Boy while it was happening—or if I hadn’t done anything at all myself—I don’t know if I would have been able to truly been like, “Here’s my friend who is doing what he’s been wanting to do for five years, on his own terms, and he’s doing it really well.”
    And that’s another one of these lessons. It’s a shame, because you don’t get a lot of these lessons and ideas until you’ve kind of grown up a little bit. I would’ve liked to have applied some of them when I was 22, but it just doesn’t happen. You have to go through that stuff in order to become the person you are later on.

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