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Thursday, 23 June 2011

From Property of Zack: blink-182 Album To Be Mix/Mastered In 6 Weeks

Mark Hoppus of blink-182 wrote an overwhelmingly long statement regarding the band last night and how he would manage to keep the band and his TV show thriving with his impending move to London. In the long-winded interview, Hoppus confirmed that the band would have the new album mix and mastered within the next six weeks, which would mean the album will be completely finished by the first week of August with artwork and promo for the release. With that knowledge, it can be assumed that a single will be released near the beginning of the tour and the album in the middle of it. Read the full update from Mark here and a portion of it below by clicking “Read More”.

in the next six weeks we have to: 1) finish recording the album, 2) choose a single, 3) mix the album, 4) master the album, 5) design the tour production, 6) figure out the artwork for the record (damn, i’d forgotten about that until right now), 7) decide upon a setlist, 8) learn to play the songs we just recorded in a live setting, 9) start general rehearsals for the tour, 10) shoot a video for the single, 11) do national, international, local, and long-lead press for the record and tour. additionally, for me i am committed to 12) two weeks of taping for hoppus on music, 13) flying to london to find a place to live, 14) moving everything out of my house, into storage or shipped to the tour, or to london, 15) packing for tour. 16) unburdening myself from 2 vehicles, 17) living out of a hotel for a month, 18) learning to dance the watusi, 19) convincing myself that the double-down sandwich is actually a real thing, and not a dare that someone is playing on us.  oh yeah, and we as a band need a full week of full production rehearsals. and merch designs.  wow.


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