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Saturday, 20 November 2010

X Factor: Drama as furious Cheryl Cole lays into Wagner for branding her 'just a girl from a council estate who got lucky'


Don't mess: Cheryl Cole dramatically laid into Wagner on X Factor last night over comments he is said to have made to a newspaper about her coming from a council estate

Cheryl Cole sensationally let rip at Wagner in X Factor last night over comments he made about her coming from a council estate.

The 27-year-old star, who grew up in one of Newcastle's toughest neighbourhoods, angrily laid into the Brazilian contestant after his performance.

She told him: 'Normally I don't have anything constructive to say to you, but I've heard this week you have been making some comments about me to the Press about being from a council estate.'

Not holding back: She left the judges stunned with her outburst, with Simon commenting 'wow'
She then blasted him, saying: 'Yes I am and I am very proud of my roots and I am very lucky.'

A shocked Wagner retorted: 'Don't believe what you read in the Press.'
Speaking after the judges had finished their comments, Wagner then tried to explain himself further.

Elaborating on his comments reported in yesterday's Daily Mirror, where he is said to have branded Cheryl 'just a girl from a council estate who 'got lucky', he told Cheryl: 'I didn't know the guy was a journalist.'

Cheryl then became tearful as he told her: 'I didn't know the guy was a journalist.
'He asked me what I think of Cheryl and I said Cheryl is a role model for the young people of this nation because I believe she has lived on a council estate and so many people who live in a council estate don't believe they can achieve a better standard of living.

Back track: But Wagner defended himself saying he thought she was a role model and an inspiration to people

Emotional: He appeared to placate Cheryl with his comments and at one point she even looked tearful after telling him: 'I am proud of my roots'

Charmer: Wager told Cheryl she had the 'manners of a princess' and denied he said she was 'just a girl from a council estate who got lucky' to a newspaper

'You are incredibly talented and beautiful and you have the manners of a princess.
'You are now the most favoured woman in the whole country.'

During an interview he told the Daily Mirror: 'Cheryl has never spoken to me properly, but that's OK.

'She's just a girl from a council estate who got lucky when someone gave her a job in showbusiness.'

The 54-year-old former PE teacher performed a mash up of Get Back, Hippy Hippy Shake and Hey Jude on what was Beatles night.

Dannii refused to comment on the singing, instead listing some of the stories that appeared about him in the newspapers this week.

Simon Cowell - who reacted to Cheryl's comments by saying 'wow' - branded it the worst Beatles performance he had ever seen, but mentor Louis stuck up for his act.

Lively: Wager performed a mash up of Beatles tracks but his performance was panned by Simon Cowell and the other judges

Style wars: Cheryl Cole donned a short armour-inspired dress while Dannii looked graceful in a brown halter-neck maxi number

He then appealed to the public: 'I hope people vote for you because if you are in the bottom two the three witches of Eastwick will vote you off.'

Tonight also saw a return to form for controversial contestant Katie Waissell, who appropriately performed Help after continually coming in the bottom two.

The 24-year-old former receptionist also showed off a dramatic new elfin-style haircut. She had done away with her edgy blonde and black do, instead going for an Emma Watson-inspired short cut, dyed brown.

Simon praised her performance as 'vocally genius' while Cheryl dubbed it the 'performance of the night'.

Dannii said her performance had more 'fight' in it this week, but said that her styling was once again totally different, saying she needed to be more consistent with her look.

Fresh start: Katie Waissel showed off her new dramatic short haircut as she sang Help!

Transformed: The singer had her hair cut and dyed hours before the show, seen right arriving at Fountain Studios in north-west London earlier on

But Simon disagreed, saying her varying styles made for something 'fresh and different' each week.

Host Dermot O'Leary then commented: 'Nice hair,' following her closing performance.
Matt Cardle opened the show with a rendition of The Beatles Come Together, which has also been covered by Paul Weller.

The former painter-decorator strutted stuff in a white vest top and jeans as he was supported by an army of scantily-clad backing dancers wearing shimmery pink hot pants and tops, teamed with black tights.

Louis 'There was something missing in the performance tonight. I don't know what it is but there was something missing.

Cheryl disagreed, saying she loved it while Simon said the only thing missing was his shirt.

On top: Cher Lloyd performed John Lennon's hit Imagine, wearing a pretty white dress on top of a spiral staircase, which caused some controversy

'The styling thing went a little bit too much to the left... It kind of looked like you were literally dragged from the loo to do a performance. But the vocal was fantastic,' he said.

Mentor Dannii countered: 'I think the girls would be happy if you were dragged from anywhere to their bedroom,' adding: 'That performance was absolutely gripping. You were fantastic Matt.'

Up next was Cher Lloyd who performed John Lennon's iconic hit Imagine.
The 17-year-old dressed in a white dress for her performance, which she sung sat atop a spiral staircase.

The rousing rendition split the panel, with Louis and Simon both saying she needed to be more performance artist and dance rather than just sit there.

Louis said: 'You have the potential to be a very good popstar but that was a very lazy performance. There was no rap.'

Row: Simon and Louis said they wanted to see the lively Cher back, with Simon criticising Cheryl for putting Cher on a staircase where she couldn't do anything

Dressed the part: Cher and Rebecca both looked stylish in their respective outfits with Cher looking angelic in white and Rebecca vamping it up in red

Dannii disagreed saying: 'What you have shown us now is that you are versatile. The two songs where you have just sung them have been my favourite ones.'

Simon then chipped in: 'I like the fact you have shown the person you are. There are a lot stories I don't like that I have read about you saying you are this and that. But I'm gonna stick up for you.'

'But the problem is that half staircase,' he said blaming mentor Cheryl. He then told Cher to go back to her more lively performances.

But Cheryl interjected: 'Week after week she has come out and performed. I think it was beautiful sat there just singing, like a stairway to heaven.'

'It just shows your vocal is not to be under estimated,' Cheryl concluded.
Simon's one remaining act One Direction - made up of Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Zain Malik, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson - performed next.

Nervous: Rebecca Ferguson represented Liverpool, also the home town of The Beatles, and performed Yesterday, but the judges all picked up on her nerves

They covered All You Need Is Love, all dressed in dapper suits.
Louis said: 'It was great to see the fab four sang by the fab five.'

Dannii criticised Zain and Niall for letting the group down with their backing vocals, saying they didn't know when they were coming in or out.

Cheryl, clearly still infuriated for Simon's staircase comment about Cher, told them: 'I could get into why did your mentor put you on a platform... but I won't. That was another great performance.'

Simon replied: 'Who cares about the platform' before pleading with the viewers: 'Please don't think these guys are safe. Please vote for them.'

Good show: Simon Cowell's one remaining act One Direction performed All You Need Is Love

They were followed by Rebecca Ferguson, who performed Yesterday.

The single mother had extra pressure on her shoulders as like The Beatles she is also form Liverpool.

And the judges all noticed her nerves. Danni told her: 'For me out of all your performances it wasn't my favourite. You seemed a little bit nervous. But I do still love the tones of your voice.'

Simon agreed saying: 'For the first time in weeks this is first time I've seen you look nervous. But you look like you feel the words from the song and coming from Liverpool I think that was a perfect song choice for you.'

Show opener: Matt Cardle performed Come Together by the hit group, winning general approval from the judges apart from Louis who said 'something was missing'

Even mentor Cheryl admitted: 'I could feel your nerves, but I'm not surprised after last week's shock eviction. I think it just is important to say that if people want you here they have to vote for you.'

Mary Byrne received a big thumbs up from all the judges after her rendition of Something, which has also been covered by Shirley Bassey.

Dannii told her: 'That was up there with your best, best performances. We need you to do this every time.'

Cheryl added: 'I always just feel relaxed with you when you sing. I think the beauty of you is that you sing from experience and it shows through.'

Strutting his stuff: He was joined by scantily-clad back dancers, with Simon praising the vocal but saying he was little unsure about the white vest look

Reluctantly, Simon admitted he couldn't fault mentor Louis' song choice: 'Annoying as this is Louis did actually pick the right song. And I tell you what you've definitely got your confidence back.'

'Mary has got her mojo back,' declared mentor Louis, before asking the public to vote for her.

Paije Richardson performed Let It Be as covered by Leo Sayer.

Back on form: Mary Byrne received a big thumbs up from all the judges after her rendition of Something

Louis told him that he does have the chance to win the competition, despite Simon's remarks last week that he couldn't win.

Cheryl said: 'There was something really angelic and beautiful about the performance.'

Responding to Louis, who called him rude for his remarks about Paije last week, Simon said: 'I do stand by what I said, based on that performance [last week] you can't win.

Powerful: Paije Richardson was back to his best with a rendition of Let It Be, which saw Simon say it was 'a million times better than last week'

'Saying that you've come back with a brilliant performance and it was a million times better than last week.

Mentor Dannii concluded: 'You came in to this competition as the wild card. You are still standing my friend. I want to hug you and squeeze you tight.'

Sir Paul McCartney recorded a video message which was played at the start of the show, wishing the contestants good luck with their performances.

Beatles week: Sir Paul McCartney recorded a video message which was played at the start of the show, wishing the contestants good luck with their performances

source: dailymail

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