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Saturday, 20 November 2010

It's the X Scrap-tor: Wagner brawls with Matt Cardle... and Brazilian also has drunken rant at 'council estate' Cheryl Cole


The X Scrap-tor: Wagner Carrilho and Matt Cardle arrive for rehearsals yesterday hours before the two allegedly got into a brawl

Contestants get into scrap during rehearsals

Wagner kicked out of finalists' house after insulting fellow finalists

Cheryl Cole hit with insults by Brazilian and designer friend Julien Macdonald

He's the surprise contender to the X Factor crown having survived the public vote for the last six weeks.

But behind the scenes, Brazilian Wagner Fiuza-Carrilho has been causing more of a stir among his fellow contestants, which allegedly resulted in a brawl between him and Matt Cardle.

Cardle, 27, had to be pulled off the South American, 54, during rehearsals last night after he accused him of bad mouthing his fellow contestants.

According to the Sun newspaper, Essex boy Matt lost his temper with his rival and is believed to have squared up to Wagner as they prepared for tonight's live show.
He shouted at him: 'You spiteful f****** t***. You're a f****** joke.'

Onlookers were left stunned as Matt lost his rag and Wagner stood there stunned before retorting: 'Who the hell do you think you are?'

Wagner is believed to have been put up in a hotel after being kicked out of the finalists' house having fallen out with the other contestants.

Karate black belt Wagner also threatened to karate chop the lads in 'immature' boyband One Direction but then accused his housemates of bullying him.

He said: 'I can't stand it in the house. I was living a life of solitude and not mixing with the rest of the singers as we had nothing in common.'

Facing the chop: Wagner threatened to perform karate on boy band One Direction

But Matt became angry about this accusation and shouted at Wagner: 'Who the f****** hell do you think you are, calling us bullies? You're the f****** bully.

'No one likes you and you're a pain in the a***. That's why you've been booted out of the house. We don't want you around.

'As far as I'm concerned you can f*** off and never speak to me again.'

Staff at the Fountain Studios in north London had to step in and separate the two fearing that Wagner might actually hurt Matt.

A source said: 'Matt was livid. He just flipped. We genuinely thought Wagner might give him a hiding.'

The scrap came the day after Wagner is believed to have launched into a drunken tirade about his fellow contestants in the bar at the hotel he has been checked into since leaving the finalists' house.

Double insult: Cheryl Cole, seen here arriving at rehearsals yesterday, was left reeling after insults from Wagner and fashion designer friend Julien Macdonald

He said the judges barely spoke to him because 'eventually they are going to turn on you', and said Cheryl Cole was nothing more than a 'girl from a council estate who got lucky when someone gave her a job in showbusiness'.

And it wasn't the only insult Cheryl faced after it was revealed today that she became the target of fashion designer Julien Macdonald's wrath at a recent party held by her Girls Aloud bandmate Sarah Harding.

According to the Sun, she was left in tears after he called her a 'chav' and said: 'What the f**k are you doing? Who are you trusting and who are you working with? What are you thinking? Look in the mirror.'

A source said: 'He went into a big rant. Nobody could stop him. Cheryl thought he was joking at first and told him to "f**k off". It was unnecessary.

'She was sobbing and totally devastated. The things he said were pretty cruel. It would have hurt Cheryl as he is a very big name in fashion.'

No longer friends? Fashion designer Julien Macdonald, seen here Cheryl Cole at a fashion show in 2007, hit the Girls Aloud star with a barrage of insults at a party recently

source: dailymail

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