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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Stunned parents pull FEATHER from baby's neck from what they thought was a pimple


The marked area on Mya's neck shows the size of the original swollen infected area caused by a feather that she ingested from a pillow

Mya Whittington's parents where shocked, but relieved when doctors discovered that the cause of the swollen pimple on her neck was in fact a two-inch-long black feather that had lodged under her skin.
Aaron and Emma Whittington first took their nearly seven-month-old daughter to Hutchinson Regional Medical Center, Kansas on Saturday after an area below her jaw swelled up. 'They thought it was a swollen gland,' Aaron Whittington said.

Right for plucking: A two-inch-long black feather emerges from Mya's swollen face

The hospital administered an antibiotic and sent the family home.
Mya's grandmother took her back to the hospital after a 'pimple' appeared on the swollen area, which had now grown to the size of about one and a half golf balls, Aaron Whittington said.
'She looked like Quasimodo,' her father said.

The two-inch feather pulled from Mya's neck which made its exit through a swollen infected pimple on her neck

The physician suspected a staph infection on her lymph nodes.
A doctor broke the pimple to try to drain it and drew marks on her face to measure whether the swelling increased. The intravenous antibiotics were continued.
On Monday, the doctor on rounds scraped off a scab that formed. After the doctor left, the Whittingtons noted what appeared to be a string or stick emerging from the spot. They left it alone, since the doctor hadn't done anything to it, Aaron said.

Mya Whittington with her father Aaron, who said his daughter looked like Quasimodo when her face was swollen

When Mya's pediatrician visited later that evening, however, she asked what it was. She then put on a pair of gloves and plucked a two-inch-long black feather from the swollen area of the child's neck.
They suspect, Whittington said, that the baby swallowed or inhaled the feather, which apparently pierced the inside of her cheek or throat and then, over time, her body forced it out the other way.
The Whittingtons had a down pillow on their bed, but Mya wasn't normally on it, and it's been in the couple's laundry room for months, Emma Whittington said.
It's headed for the trash.

source :dailymail

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