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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Puts our Christmas lights to shame: Mesmerising forest of solar-powered trees dazzle in the Singapore night sky


Mesmeric: The Supertree Grove is illuminated during a free nightly light and sound display which sees the massive man-made structures lit up with spotlights and neon lights

Rising high above the urban jungle of Singapore, these man-made supertrees create a mesmeric light display against the dark night sky.
The towering structures, stretching 50 metres into the sky, are fitted with solar panels, hanging gardens and rainwater catches and display plants from across the globe.
They form the stunning centre piece of a massive £350million development in the city's Marina Bay area called Gardens By The Bay Park.

Stunning: The amazing Gardens By The Bay park features 12 towering giant Supertrees from 25 to 50 metres tall and has become a huge tourist attraction

It, along with the dozens of lavish hotels, towering skyscrapers and rooftop infinity pools, has come to symbolise Singapore's ascent as one of the world's economic powerhouses.
And visitors to the park are treated to dazzling daily light display and music shows.
A vast green space, spread across 250 acres, was created in the area designed to become the 'botanical capital of the world'.

Harnessing nature: The towering trees are used to display plants from across the globe in huge hanging gardens and are fitted with solar panels and rainwater catches

The park houses a cluster of green conservatories and will also become home to the Singapore Garden Festival.
Visitors can take in a panoramic view of the gardens via an aerial walkway, dubbed the OCBC Skyway.

Breathtaking: Visitors watch as the Supertrees Grove dazzle with lights display and music at the Garden by the Bay in Singapore during the nightly visual displays

The walkway, which links the artificial tree, which have giant steel and concrete trunks and thousands of thick wire rods for branches, is suspended 22 metres above the ground - about seven storeys high.
City leaders want to create a continuous ring of greenery, with three gardens wrapping around the Marina Bay area.

View from the top: Tourists walk along the skywalk across the Supertrees Grove between one of the 12 towering giant Supertrees which rise upto 50 metres tall

source: dailymail

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