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Thursday, 27 December 2012

Dishing the dirt! Chantelle Houghton gets muddy at boot camp in a bid to finally lose her pregnancy weight


Muckracker: Chantelle Houghton - more used to dishing the figurative dirt- got muddy at boot camp in Norfolk

She's been telling everyone she can about her tempestuous relationship with ex Alex Reid, but now Chantelle Houghton has been up to a different kind of muck-raking.
The reality star got down and dirty in the Norfolk mud whilst being put through her paces at boot camp.
Chantelle put the effort in, so she could lose the extra two stones of pregnancy weight she had gained.

Weight loss: Chantelle's hoping to drop a few pregnancy pounds during her time at the fitness camp

But it all looked a little too much for the glamour model, who swapped her usual caked on foundation look for an all-body mud mask.
And recreating the infamous shot of Willem Dafoe in Platoon, Chantelle held her arms out, closed her eyes and looked up to the heavens, as though she was praying for an angelic being to swoop down and rescue her from the muddy hell.
Unluckily for Chantelle the only company she had was from the No 1 Boot Camp trainer dressed in camouflage trousers, hoody and boots.
And he looked like he was rather enjoying putting the reality star through her paces.

G.I. Jane: Unlike Demi Moore as the female marine, Chantelle needs a bit more help from her male instructor

Dirty: Her sleek black and pink outfit soon got a brown makeover

It's been no secret over recent months that the reality star wants to shed her post-baby figure, saying, 'my body has changed so much that I’d feel happy just to not be so wobbly.'
But as the slimming pills route has yet to show any significant effect, Chantelle has resorted back to good old fashioned exercise.
From running up the filthy coast, to doing arm raises with a metal pole, Chantelle was finally forced to get down on her hands and knees to perform a few push ups.

Push up: The TV star struggles to lift her body weight up from the watery ground

Sinking: Chantelle looks like she's about to be swallowed up by the brown muck

Unimpressed: Her boot camp trainer looked rather impatient with his trainee who seemed to have given up on push ups

Sadly, Chantelle was less G.I. Jane and more Jane magazine as she struggled to push herself up from the boggy ground.
Defeated, the mother of one embraced the filthy terrain, sinking lower with fatigue as her trainer looked on impatiently.
But running in the mud wasn't the only activity on the boot camp schedule.

Rocky: Earlier in the session Chantelle had donned some boxing gloves for some pad-training

Sleepy? The glamour model looked like she was ready for some shut-eye as she swung a few punches

Throughout the weekend, Chantelle took on a number of activities, but no doubt the boxing part of her training was a highlight.
Imagining Alex Reid as her target certainly would have spurred the reality star on,who told Now magazine that it'll take a lot for [her] to believe in someone' again.
But the thought of knocking the cage fighter out, wasn't enough to keep Chantelle's head in the game as she looked ready to drop after a few punches.

Michelin woman: Chantelle looked like she far more enjoyed the training with a tyre than in the mud

Highland: Chantelle tossed the caber as part of her training regime

Cuppa? The 29-year old lifts a kettle-bell with one hand as she counts reps with her trainer

However, when it came to training on more solid ground, the smile soon returned to the reality star's face with her lifting a car tyre over her head as she did squats.
Her training also took on some Scottish fling, with Chantelle having to hoist up a log and throw it as though she was tossnig the caber in the Highland Games.
But it soon took on some more typical fitness activities, which featured some kettle-bells and arm dips.
And after a weekend of solid training it's no surprise Chantelle could only muster two words to describe just how she was feeling: 'Soooo tired.'

Hole in one: The tyre featured more than once in Chantelle's weekend of army training

Dip it low: Working the triceps, Chantelle lowers her body with her trainer supporting her by doing some dips too

source: dailymail

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