Friday, 16 November 2012

That's one way to ensure high bids! Abbey Crouch shows off her amazing long legs in black body as she takes to the stage at

That's one way to command high bids! Abbey Crouch showed off her amazing long legs as she helped to auction off a Pudsey Bear at a Children in Need event at Christies Auction House She has some of the best legs in Britain, so why not show them off for a good cause? And that's exactly what Abbey Crouch did on Thursday night, at an auction for Children in Need. The 26-year-old WAG paraded her enviable pins around the stage, as she helped to auction off a designer Pudsey Bear at Christies Auction House in London.
Sheer delight: The 26-year-old WAG had arrived at the venue in a pair of leather trousers and a sheer long-sleeved blouse for the occasion The blonde beauty had slipped into a black bodysuit for the task, and while the long-sleeved garment covered the top half of her body, it left the bottom half out on display. There's no doubt that Abbey's appearance must have helped to command high bids for the bear, designed by Norton and Sons. Ahead of the auction the mother-of-one had spoken out about her desire to help as much as possible with the good cause.
Unusual tactic: Cara Delevigne wore a panda suit to try and raise bids on her designer bear
Bear hugs all round: Jodie Kidd and Gemma Arteton were also seen helping to raise funds for the worth cause
Care bear: Chloe Moretz was seen with the Donatella Versace bear she auctioned off for £65,000 She posted: 'Hoping to raise big bucks for children in need tonight @kegrand !! X' Abbey had arrived at the venue in a pair of tight leather trouser, a sheer blouse and a pair of pointed Louboutin heels. Abbey was joined by other models who had stepped in for the good cause, but not everyone had deployed her tactics to raise the funds. source: dailymail




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