Sunday, 25 November 2012

Nine months in 1,000 photographs: Stop motion video creates a detailed record of one woman's pregnancy

For some women, the idea of being having to pose for hundreds of photos while pregnant is not especially tempting. But not for Osher Grencel, whose husband Tomer took more than 1000 photos throughout her pregnancy. Expecting her first child, Tomer had the idea of documenting the pregnancy by using the photos in a stop-motion video.
The project, documenting the pregnancy of Osher Grencel starts at the very beginning of her pregnancy Over the next 9 months, he took 1000 photographs at different points and with different concepts. After his daughter Emma entered the world, he spent a month combining the images into a single stop-motion animation that tells the story of Emma’s journey from the womb into the world. The video has proved hugely popular, with nearly 300,000 views on Youtube. The project has proved so successful that Tomer has continued the photography project in a new blog called
In months two (left) and month three (right) we can see the baby bump begin to grow
And here she is, baby Emma makes her entrance to delighted parents source: dailymail




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