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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

It's clearly a lot of fun! The transparent 'bouncy castle' art instalation that makes adults feel like they're walking on air


Lose yourself: This incredible adult playground lets visitors leap around inside and lose their spatial awareness We're always told to keep our feet on the ground, but if you're fed up of reality, head to this giant adult playground which behaves like a suspended trampoline crossed with a see-through bouncy castle. Milan, Italy is the place to go if you want to get tangled up in three levels of thin clear film hanging 65ft in the air - but only if you're over 18.
Overhead: Friends and relatives who may not want to join in with the fun can watch from below as people bound about above their heads It adds up to a 1,200-square-metre construction which makes visitors lose their spatial coordinates and leaves them scrambling between the floor and the ceiling, known as 'earth' and 'sky'. This incredible installation, called 'On Space Time Foam', runs until February 3 at HangarBicocca and is the brainchild of Argentinian artist Tomas Saraceno. The 39-year-old's work transforms and changes shape when people move around in it - like it's a living organism. He said: 'The film levels constituting the living core of HangarBicocca are constantly altered by climate and the simple movement of people.
Don't try to pretend: You may say that you don't want to have a go on this amazing construction, but MailOnline knows that deep down, you really do 'Each step, each breath, modifies the entire space - it is a metaphor for how our interrelations affect the Earth and other universes. 'As an artist I like to live and work between and beyond planet Earth.' On Space Time Foam, which required months of engineering and static testing, is the accomplishment of a utopian dream for Saraceno, that of flight and lightness moving beyond the limitations of physics by experimenting with new materials and techniques. The work was created thanks to the collaboration of a team of engineers and Lindstrand Technologies, a leading company in the research and production of aerostatic materials and products, hot-air balloons and space vehicles. Visitors not comfortable with a walk across thin air can watch their others clamber overhead from the ground below.
Fantasy: 'On Space Time Foam' is an adult playground which seems to bend the rules of physics as we know it This is not the first work of Saraceno's which has the power to amaze. In May 2012 he set up Cloud City on the roof of the Met Museum in New York. This featured large, interconnected modules constructed with transparent and reflective materials, grouped in a non-linear formation. Visitors could walk through them at their own leisure and enjoy the world constrcted by Saraceno.
Get involved: 39-year-old designer Tomas Saraceno explained how each individual's movement inside affect the shape of the virtually 'living' playground source: dailymail

It's clearly a lot of fun! The transparent 'bouncy castle' art instalation that makes adults feel like they're walking on air Rating: 4.5 Diposkan Oleh: andre tupang
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