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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Even more Miss Earth Winners

Miss Dominican Republic Rocio Castellanos won the Gold Medal during the Walk with M.E. campaign held at the Mall of Asia. Miss Spain Nathalia Moreira took the silver medal, while Miss Russia Natalia Pereverzeva took the bronze medal. The 83 delegates competing in Miss Earth 2012 (15 arrived after the press conference) have been split in three groups and have been touring the Philippines as part of the environmental schedule of activities. Continuing with some of this year’s pre-events, more winners have been chosen:
Miss Venezuela won the gold medal at the Resort Wear competition held at Pontefino, with Turkey and Costa Rica with silver and bronze. Netherlands was chosen Miss Earth Pontefino.
The Group 3 swimsuit competition was held at the Hamilo Coast resort and the winners were Miss Paraguay (gold medallist), Miss Norway (silver medallist) and Miss Dominican Republic (bronze medallist).
At the same event, the “Miss Eco-Ambassadress” awards went to Miss Ukraine (Bronze), Miss South Sudan (Silver) and Miss Germany (Gold).
Group 2 swimsuit competition winners are Miss Korea (bronze medal), Miss USA (silver medal) and Miss Venezuela (gold medal) at the Golden Sunset resort, Batangas
Bosnia & Herzegovina, Botswana and Austria took top honors during the Miss Earth Greenbag Challenge
Liter of Light Project Campaign winners: New Zealand, Puerto Rico and Botswana Meanwhile, the following special awards have been given: Miss Earth Pontefino, Netherlands Miss Earth Hamilo Coast, Paraguay Miss Earth Golden Sunset, Venezuela Gandang Ricky Reyes Award, Spain Miss Earth organizers also awarded the Bronze, Silver and Gold medals to Miss Zealand, Miss USA and Miss South Africa respectively for “Best Participation” in the Environmental Seminar and to Miss Singapore, Miss Italy and Miss Guam for “Most Sociable” in the same manner. The Miss Earth official website has published the number of points each delegate has won so fans and visitors can see their progress and who is close to making the Top 16 semi-finals. The 83 contestants are divided in three groups and the top scorers in each group will be closer to the coveted Miss Earth crown. Congratulations to all winners! source: globalbeauties

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