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Sunday, 11 November 2012

'She's a real cute chick but she stinks of fake tan': I'm A Celeb's David Haye gives his verdict on Helen Flanagan calling her 'ditzy'


Speaking his mind: I'm A Celebrity's David Haye described Helen Flanagan as a 'cute chick' who 'stinks of fake tan' She claims to be 'deep and complex' but it seems that Helen Flanagan hasn't managed to convince all of her camp mates of her true personality. The 22-year-old actress landed in the Australian jungle prepared to prove that she wasn't a 'bimbo' but she didn't get off to the best start. After crying her way through a high wire task and glamming up for their trek into the jungle, her fellow camp mate David Haye gave his verdict on the former soap star.
The world champion boxer said that he thinks the 22-year-old actress is 'ditzy' 'Helen is a real cute little chick, a bit ditzy but she stinks of fake tan,' he said on his first trip to the Bush Telegraph. His comments came after he and the rest of team Croc Creek were finally reunited in camp following the boxer's attempt at a Bushtucker trial. After announcing to Helen, Linda Robson, Brian Conley and Charlie Brooks that he had been successful in the trial, he was then asked by Helen a few moments later: 'So did you win?'
Vulnerable: Helen is the youngest of the Croc Creek team and is constantly having to be reassured
Dry your eyes: Helen was still wiping away make-up after her crying caused mascara to run down her face The former Coronation Street star didn't exactly have the best day after having to face up to her fear of heights in order to get into the jungle. She and the rest of the team, minus David, were faced with a rickety bridge which they had to make their way across while attached to a harness. Although she was the last to have a go, Helen managed to complete the bridge - but was left with her mascara streaming down her face.
Scared: The blonde star was in tears as she made her way across the bridge while attached to a harness However it wasn't an easy start for any of the celebrities, who really didn't seem prepared for life on the popular ITV1 show. Rather than meeting one another at a luxurious hotel like in previous series, the famous faces were separated into two groups from the word go and found themselves competing against each other straight away. While David and co met one another, the opposing team were elsewhere getting to grips with each other.
Nice to meet you: The teams were faced with a challenge straight away which included them going on a hunt for a helicopter
Team work: The groups were given walking boots and a GPS unit in order to go and find the transport Darts player Eric Bristow found himself on a team with former Pussycat Doll Ashley Roberts, reality TV star Hugo Taylor, actor Colin Baker and MP Nadine Dorries. After enjoying some cocktails, the two teams were presented with walking boots and a GPS unit and were told that they had to find a helicopter that was located out in the open - in which there was only room for one group. While Ashley took charge in one group, David led the way in the other and managed to lead the group to victory.
Team Croc Creek were so happy when they realised they had found the helicopter first and had therefore won the task
Gutted: The opposing team watched as David and co flew away in the chopper As team Croc Creek took off in the helicopter, team Snake Rock watched them go up in the air and realised that they had lost the first task but they had no idea what awaited them. While David and his team spent the night in a luxurious house by the ocean, Hugo and the rest of the other team arrived in the jungle where they didn't even have beds to sleep on. The following day, both teams were greeted by hosts of the show, Ant and Dec, where they were told that they would be making their way into camp - but not before a Bushtucker trial was held. source: dailymail

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