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Friday, 2 November 2012

15 months and never the same outfit twice! Harper Beckham's VERY posh £5,000 designer wardrobe


In fashion: September 11, 2011, left, a formal dress with ruffles and a yoke, by Bonpoint, even though she was only two months old. Dress £164 and hair slide £17. Total spend: £181. Right, September 15: Two-month-old Harper is in a £98 Marie Chantal dress, with a £68 matching cardigan. Total spend: £166 She may only by 15 months old, but little Harper Beckham already has enough designer outfits to make the most fashion conscious jealous. Being the daughter of Spice Girl turned clothes designer Victoria and style-icon and footballer David Beckham, it's probably not surprising the toddler has no shortage of dresses to wear. And despite being the newest member of the Beckham household, the adorable tot has managed to upstage the most fashionable couples in the world with her collection of outfits.
Style points: September 16: Wearing a cute outfit by Marie Chantal. Cardigan £68, dress £98 and bloomers £54. The lace-trimmed socks are from Bonpoint and cost £17. Total spend: £237. Right, November 3, Harper is in a dress by Bonpoint, £138, and a £100 cardigan. Total spend: £238
Trend-setter: November 15: Checked Bonpoint dress, £159, plus matching headband for £38. The tights are by Chloe and cost £30 a pair. Total spend: £227. Right, November 16: Harper's Little Marc Jacobs dress cost £178, the tights £30. Total spend: £208
February 7, 2012: A Sequin grey coal coat by Chloe, £260 teamed with ribbed Bonpoint tights, £38. And that's only what we can see. Total spend £298. Right, April 23: A rare appearance in trousers. Coral strides from Bonpoint, £83, with £23 Converse trainers and a £60 blouse. Total spend: £166
Left, April 24: A long-sleeved Bonpoint dress, £80, and bright white Chloe shoes, £84.95. Total spend: £164.95. Right: April 26: A stella McCartney Misty dress, £85, with Bonpoint sunflower sandals, £65, and yet again a Bonpoint hairband, £38. Total spend: £188
Left, May 13: Harper wears a dress £104, tights, £38 and Alice band, £38, all by the French clothes brand Bonpoint. Burberry shoes, £95. Total spend £275. Right, July 5: She is wearing an embroidered Chloe dress, £97, and glitter hairband from Bonpoint, £27. Chloe sandal, £94. Total spend: £218
September 9: Chloe dress, £649. Shoes from Zara £25.99. Total spend £674.99. Right, September 14: Belge Bonpoint dress, £98, Little Marc Jacobs Jungle Alice band with floppy bow, £93. Total spend £191
October 7: A Stella McCartney printed dress, £95, and blue Chloe scallop shoes, £84.95. Total spend: £179.95. Right, October 12: Wearing a Burberry herringbone dress, £120, and Zara boots, £29.99. Total spend: £149.99
October 22: Bonpoint ecru beanie, £99, and Burberry wool cape, £195. The dress is also Bonpoint, £103, and so are the tights. Zara boots, £29.99. Total spend £464.99. Right, October 24: Patterned dress by Bonpoint is £119, with the usual £38 tights and favourite £29.99 boots by Zara. Total spend £186.99
October 26: A Chloe feather print dress, £87, and tan bow sandals by Chloe, £94. Total spend £181. Right, October 28: Hot pink Chloe smock dress, £103, white Chloe shoes, £72. Total spend: £175 source: dailymail

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