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Monday, 29 October 2012

'Creepy' new iPhone app trawls Facebook friends' galleries to find all their 'sexy pics'


'Find your friend's sexy pics instantly': A screengrab of the Badabing! app's homepage Concern is growing over a 'creepy' new iPhone app which scours pictures posted by users' Facebook friends to pull out all the photos showing them wearing revealing outfits. On sale on the iTunes store for £1.49 ($1.99), the Badabing! app uses some sort of image-recognition technology to work out which of your friends pictures show the most skin. Once the pictures have been discovered, users can then browse them all before bookmarking their favourites and sharing them with others.
iPhone app: Badabing! trawls galleries posted by users' Facebook friends, highlighting all the pictures showing people in revealing outfits and allowing users to bookmark and share their favourites The service is particular disturbing in light of recent claims by the Internet Watch Foundation that it had found more than 12,000 instances of girls who had posted seductive pictures of themselves that had ended up on pornographic sites. Only weeks ago, Reddit troll Violentacrez was unmasked by Gawker. He had posed many pictures harvested from Facebook onto forums entitled ‘Rapebait’ and ‘Creepshots’, sparking outrage on the internet. On the website, he was also one of the driving forces behind the sickening 'Jailbait' forum, where users submitted sexualised images of scantily-clad underage girls - many of which also originated from Facebook. The users deleted photos of girls older than 16. That forum was also taken down after a backlash by users. The Badabing! app has the potential to allow paedophiles to accelerate the process of looking for pictures of under-dressed youngsters, a spokesman for the Child Exploitation and Online Protection agency warned. source: dailymail

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