Sunday, 28 October 2012

Gone in the blink of an eye: Watch just how quickly (and easily) predatory phone thieves can strike

Cagey: The man was caught on video because he was acting suspicious and was lurking near the door A smartphone thief was captured after a commuter filmed him the moment he struck on a busy subway. The criminal calmly bides his time in the tension-filled video, before quickly grabbing the phone from a young woman and darting between the sliding doors of the car. The bystander who made the video, which was filmed in Budapest, Hungary, was filming the man because he was acting suspicious, an instinct that ultimately proved correct.
Snatch: The man, who was later arrested, expertly times his escape, trapping the victim behind him The tension-filled video went viral through Hungary, Gizmodo reported, and the thief was quickly caught as a result of the publicity. A Budapest police spokeperson said the man was arrested in Budapest on October 27 and interrogated before confessing. They identified him as B. Tibor and he is believed to be behind a string of thefts. source: dailymail




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