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Monday, 4 July 2011

5 Questions You Got Answer Before Blogging Full Time - DailyBlogTips

So , you have decided that you want to start a blog and build a successful online business. You have also decided that you will take up blogging as a full time career.
Let me congratulate you on your mindset of enterprenership. Considering the fact that hundreds of new blogs created every day, only few bloggers achieve incredibale success and rest of others fail leaving blogging midway or blog in a while. It’s because they dont see the expected results from thier blogging activities.
Let me tell you that I am not discouraging you, in fact I would encourage to take up blogging as a full time career. Before I do that ,I want to ask you few important questions which will help you to re-affirm your decesion and give you a first hand knowledge about what are the pillars for building a successful blog.
Believe me, I want you to create a online business, not a just a blog. An online business is much more than a content writing, it’s a complete business model involving content generation, marketing and a supported by a payment management system. Its a real business. It’s serious.
Are you ready for my questions? Take a deep breath and let’s begin.

1. Do you love to write?

Yes, this is where you start. Are you passionate about writing? Because, your passion for writing determines your success in blogging. Remember, you can always improvize your writing (by writing more) but core questions remains same. Are you a passionate writer?If you are passionate about writing, then blogging might be a great avenue for you. Go ahead my dear and if you dont love writing and want to start a blog just because someone else succeeded, believe me you are not gong to go too far. You might fail in midway because a quality content is the lifeblood of a blog and not being able to produce quality content is like running out of gas while driving on a beuatiful highway.

2. Are you dumping your current job to blog?

Let me discuss another important topic. What are doing currently? Are a full time employee or running a profitable business already or doing a freelancing job which is of course earning you bread and butter? And if you are starting blog by leaving your full time career then I suggest you to go slow. Message is go part time for blogging.
Why not? After all blogging is such a wonderful way to work. Many of the A-List bloggers were full time employees before becoming successful bloggers. Start small, test, experiment, expand and achieve. OVer the time,If your blog earns atleast 50% of your full time job, then its a sign that you can take it as a full time career.

3. Are you willing to learn?

Blogging is continuous learning experience. If you are brand new to blogging, then you might have to learn lot about how to set up a blog, adding plugins , publishing articles, content marketing , social media and so on.
Apart from these, you also need to wet your hands in technical platforms such as php, css and photoshop. I am not asking you to become an expert in any of these skills but you need to get a grip of these which can help you establish your own brand in blogging.
Are you willing to learn more about writing magnetic posts? Writing gets better with writing more. A quality content needs to touch people’s thoughts, solve thier problems, inspire them or motivate them to take some action. You may also need to learn about latest trends in social media and online world.
If you think, I am scaring you, then thats not my intention. Learning is beautiful and learning a life changing skills is a bliss.
I have just asked , are you ready for this wonderful challenge?

4. Are you ready to collaborate?

To succeed enormosuly in blogging, you need to collaborate and treat your blog like an enterprise. You may need to collaborate with other bloggers, sometime may need to outsource some work and so on. I am just making you aware of the steps in the journey, and about that fact that you won’t be able to achieve success alone.

5. Do you have patience?

Sorry for asking this one. Patience is virtue and even in blogging ,its true. Dont expect that your blog starts earning a crazy five figure income within six months of inception. Things will take time. You need to keep working and celebrate every small success as an online enterprenuer. You need to wait. You need to keep working. You will have your wow moment soon.
So do you have patience within you?
I am done with my questions. These questions may sound rude or discouraging at first reading but think again. Why I am asking these to you? I am arming with you with solid information about how to build an incredibel blog. If you get through most of these questions with a positive answer, then go ahead and create your first article. Be the next wave. Blogosphere needs you.
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