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Monday, 22 November 2010

X Factor 2010: Paije Richardson insists he's 'not too upset' about exit... and says rival Cher Lloyd 'deserves her place' on the show


'Not too upset': Paije Richardson appeared on ITV's Daybreak today and said he was coping well with his X Factor exit

Paije insists he will 'keep moving with it' after shock exit from X Factor

Says he wants Rebecca to win, but calls Cher 'a great talent'

Paije Richardson has spoken about his shock exit from the X Factor last night, insisting he's 'not too upset' over the judges' decision to save Cher Lloyd over him.

Appearing on Daybreak this morning, Paije said he hadn't expected to be in the bottom two, but always prepared himself for the worst.

He said: 'I’m not too upset. Obviously it hurts a little bit to be out, but it’s the nature of the show and you’ve just got to keep moving with it.'

Shock exit: While Paije's departure came as a shock to viewers, he insisted Cher Lloyd 'deserved' her place

'It’s sort of like the come-down now - you get yourself used to doing things again for yourself. And I just feel incredibly lucky to get as far as I’ve got because I’ve already been kicked out, then I got back in and now I’m here just relaxing.'

Paije, 20, also said he has no hard feelings towards Cher, who narrowly escaped eviction from the show herself.

He said: 'She’s a great talent and she deserves her place. I’m proud of her and I hope she does well.'

Dignified exit: Paije and Cher were both seen leaving the X Factor studios last night after the shock eviction

As well as believing in his former fellow contestant Cher, Paije revealed he is backing Rebecca Ferguson to win.

He added: 'I think Rebecca should win it. I think she really deserves it and it would be amazing for her to win.

'She’s so humble, she believes in herself 100 per cent, and she is such a lovely person. You can't fault her for anything. As I say, she is so polite and she is so nice, there’s nothing bad I can say about her.'

Bottom two: Paije was sent home on the X Factor last night after facing the sing-off with Cher Lloyd, the first time either of the contestants had been in the bottom two

High emotions: Cher and Paije both looked mortified to be in the bottom two

Paije also took the opportunity to defend Wagner, who has found himself at the centre of controversy after calling judge Cheryl Cole 'a girl from a council estate who got lucky'.

He said: 'I do feel a little bit sorry for Wagner because people are blaming him for being in there, he doesn’t vote himself in there. But he is trying his best and it’s his dream as much as it’s mine or anyone else’s.'

And this isn't the end for Paije, who insisted he has no intention of giving up on his dream.

He said: 'I'm going to keep trying my best and doing whatever comes around and work, work, work until I achieve what I want.'

Singing their hearts out: Both were praised for their sing-off songs, but Cher managed to get the support of the judges with just Dannii voting to save her act Paije

Tough call: Cheryl and Simon both voted to save Cher along with Louis, sealing Paije's fate in the contest

Last night, Paije faced a tense sing-off with Cher Lloyd with both looking mortified at coming in the bottom two for the first time in the series.

X Factor fans seemingly turned on Cole by relegating her star act Cher to the sing-off while Wagner Carrilho - who Cheryl picked a fight with on Saturday's show - went sailing through again.

His on-stage argument with Cole came after he unwittingly told an undercover reporter: 'Cheryl has never spoken to me but that's ok. She's just a girl from a council estate who got lucky when someone gave her a job in showbusiness.'

Cheryl then laid into him, saying she was 'very proud' of her roots - while Wagner told her not to believe what she read in the press before launching a charm offensive.

Who to choose: Louis struggled to make a call, saying both acts were 'incredible' before finally voting to send hom Paije

Last night all four judges said it was unfair that Cher and Paije were in the bottom two, with Dannii seething that it was 'outrageous' in a blatant dig at Wagner.

Simon and Louis all backed Cheryl's act Cher in the end though, with Dannii being the only judge to vote for her act Paije to stay.

Making his decision, Simon said: 'I'm going to go with the person who I've continually supported. Neither of you should have been in the bottom by the way.'

Pressed by host Dermot O'Leary, he continued: 'The person I'm going to send home is Paije.'

Cheryl was next to be asked and said: 'This is absolutely the worst part. I absolutely hate this part. But I'm going to send home Paije.'

Dannii then said: 'This is just outrageous that either of you are there.

'I will always support my own act and Paije you did the most unbelievable performance this week and you deserve this.'

It was then left to Louis to cast the deciding vote. 'Both acts were incredible in the sing-off. I've always believed in Paije from day one,' he said.

'But in the sing-off, Cher, you were just incredible... but I'm finding it hard to pick between them.'

Eventually after Dermot pushed him for a decision, Louis chose to send home Paije, sealing his fate.

Paije performed the Sam Brown hit Stop in his bid to stay in the competition while Cher performed arguably her strongest performance of the season once again - Stay by Shakespears Sister.

Wagner - who locked horns with Cheryl last night over comments he made about her being from a council estate - cheered as he was given the all clear.

And Katie, who last night performed The Beatles hit Help, looked shocked as she was told first by host Dermot that she was safe for another week.

source :dailymail

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