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Saturday, 20 November 2010

Paris Hilton gets stuck into her community service... wearing four-inch stiletto heels


Stiletto style: Paris wore four-inch heels for her community service today

They were given strict instructions on what to wear and told 'expect to get dirty'.

But while Paris Hilton diligently donned the regulation T-shirt and suggested trousers for her community service, she just couldn't do without her high heels.

The heiress wore four-inch stiletto heels to complete her court-ordered work with the Hollywood Beautification Team.

Obviously, the reality star also kept her shades on as she painted over graffiti with a roller.

But her lack of experience at manual work was obvious - she splattered grey paint everywhere, including on herself.

Paris ruined her clothes and probably her black patent heels, as she wobbled over the stony ground.

Hard work: Paris paints over graffiti, splattering her trousers and wobbling in her heels

The work was a departure for the party-loving socialite as she was also expected to arrive promptly at 7am.

The guidelines also state that if workers are 15 minutes late, they will not be allowed to stay that day.

She was also instructed in the guidelines that she couldn't leave 'to move your car, buy coffee, use the phone, etc.'

Grumpy: Paris pulls a comical miserable face during the day's labour

At one point Paris pulled a silly miserable face as she talked with a fellow worker.
Perhaps she was being told she couldn't go and check her make-up.

Paris was sentenced to community service after she plead guilty to two misdemeanors- drug possession and obstructing an officer- but avoided jail time. Instead, she is on probation for a year, must complete a substance abuse program, pay a $2,000 fine, and complete 200 hours of community service.

Paris has also currently filming her new reality series with members of her family for several months now.

Did I break a nail? Paris inspects her paint splattered hands

source :dailymail

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