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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Is Michael Douglas back from the brink? Healthier-looking star steps out in New York


Survivor: Michael Douglas has a much more healthy appearance leaving his apartment today as he battles cancer

Battling with cancer clearly took its toll on Michael Douglas over the past few months, with the actor appearing exhausted and gaunt.

But it looks as if he might be doing much better recently, based on his noticeably healthier appearance.

The 66-year-old stepped out in New York with wife Catherine Zeta-Jones earlier today

Wearing a black baseball cap, sunglasses, a white jumper and black trousers, Douglas kept it low-key and casual.

Meanwhile wife Catherine went for a far more eccentric look in a pair of loose grey trousers, a hat, a wide belt, beige jacket and beige heels.

But its clear the actor is finally on the road to recovery.

'The fact that he is gaining weight means that he is likely in the recovery stage. The extra pounds have smoothed out some of the wrinkles so he is looking younger and healthier,' Dr. Kent Holtorf recently told Star Magazine.

'He has pigment in his skin which is a great sign that he is eating more and feeling better.'

United: Catherine Zeta-Jones and Douglas leave their New York apartment

The Wall Street Never Sleeps star and Welsh-born Catherine celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary on November 18th.

And he hasn't hesitated to talk about the throat cancer he is battling.

'It really knocks you out,' he has admitted. 'You just never think it is going to be you. But I'll beat this. The tumour is shrinking. The odds are good. I'm not dealing with mortality issues until I hear otherwise.'

But he is determined to keep life at home as normal as possible for their two children, Dylan, ten, and Carys, seven.

'The doctors' prognosis is for a full recovery, and with this type of cancer there is a 70 to 80 per cent chance that it will happen.

Eccentric: Catherine has a rather interesting outfit on as she steps out in New York today

'It doesn't seem to have spread to anywhere else in my body so however difficult the next few months of treatment will be, I'm ready for it and will take things day by day.

The kids are fine. I've taken them down to the hospital and shown them the whole radiology thing. They've watched me actually get zapped.'

Typically, Douglas is not resting. He has launched a fund raising campaign to help aid cancer research and he urges people to have regular checks.

'Cancer doesn't care how many Oscars you've won or how many tough guys you've played.'

source: dailymail

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