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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Is the dream over for X Factor's Cher Lloyd? Teenager 'devastated' after falling victim to the bottom two jinx


'Devastated': Cher Lloyd is said to be devastated after finding herself in the bottom two alongside Paije Richardson on Sunday night

Cher says being in the bottom two will stop her winning

Rebecca 'moves out of girls' room' because of tension

Cher 'jealous of Rebecca's natural fashion sense'

When she first auditioned for the X Factor, it was thought Cher Lloyd has the potential to win the TV talent show.

But now it seems the 17-year-old's dream could be over, after she found herself in the bottom two alongside Paije Richardson on Sunday night.

Cher was said to be 'devastated' after having to perform in the sing-off, and only narrowly escaped eviction from the programme when she was saved by Louis Walsh.

Struggling: The teenager, seen out last night, is said to believe she now has no chance of winning after falling victim to the bottom two jinx

A source told the Daily Mirror: 'Cher was devastated to be in the sing-off. She knows no-one has ever won after being in the bottom two.

Rival: Rebecca Ferguson is said to have moved out of the girls' room

'She told her family it felt like her dream was over.'

However, while former winner Alexandra Burke never appeared in the bottom two herself, she previously said she didn't believe in the 'bottom two jinx'.

She said: 'I know there is a rule that says if you are in the bottom two you don’t stand a chance to win.

'But I don’t think that is correct because JLS were in the bottom two and made it to the finals.'

Meanwhile, it has been claimed Cher is now desperate to topple pop rival, and X Factor favourite, Rebecca Ferguson after deciding she is her biggest competition.
A show insider said Cher is becoming frustrated by everyone saying how genuine Rebecca is.

A source told Heat magazine: 'People are loving Rebecca. They can see how nice and natural she is. Cher can't stand it.

'Last week, Cheryl told Cher that she need to make her peace with Rebecca. Cher admitted to Rebecca that she can be moody and it's just her personality.'

However, Rebecca is said to have found it difficult to put the argument behind her.
The source added: 'She accepted Cher's apology but she's not happy.

'Rebecca has admitted she still can't stand Cher and thinks she's a brat who behaves worse than her kids.'

And Rebecca is even said to have moved out of the girls' bedroom because she can't handle the tension with Cher.

'In the living room or the studio, Cher takes over,' the source said. 'She doesn't give other contestants any time to say anything or voice their opinions.

Style wars: Cher is apparently also jealous of Rebecca's natural fashion sense

'Cher knows Rebecca isn't confrontational and will back off and walk away. Cher will focus on someone who threatens her and then try to suss out that person's weakness.

'Rebecca is quieter and more understated, so Cher will be really loud when she's with her. That makes Rebecca clam up even more.'

And the show's stylist Grace Woodward is the first to admit that Cher and her fellow contestant Katie Waissel have started to become envious of Rebecca's natural fashion sense.

Controversial: Two of the show's most controversial contestants, Katie Waissel and Wagner, head home after rehearsals yesterday

She told Look magazine: 'Rebecca isn't envious of any of the other girls, but I think they might be envious of her - not because she has special treatment, but because she wears things so well.

'She was the first to break out a big diva dress, and then the others wanted to do the same.'

Grace also lambasted a fan on Twitter this morning for criticising Cheryl Cole, replying: 'Ouch lay off Cheryl, i have a huge new found respect for her after dealing with her difficult brood every weekend.'

Heartthrobs: Matt Cardle and One Direction's Niall Horan leave the studios

It's not the first time Cher has been criticised for her outspoken attitude and sometime mood swings.

X Factor judge Louis Walsh previously said: 'I've heard rumblings of what is going on in the house - there's a lot of parties... But Cher is definitely the out of control one!

'She causes a lot of trouble. She's as miserable and moody as she looks.'

source: dailymail

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