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Monday, 22 November 2010

Cheryl Cole's war with Wagner escalates as the Brazilian tries to barge into the X Factor judge's dressing room


Avoidance: Cheryl Cole snuck out of The Fountain Studio in London after last night's X Factor result's show without talking to Wagner to clear the air

Cheryl Cole’s war with Wagner over his comments on the star growing up in a council estate escalated last night, after the Brazilian almost barged into her dressing room while she was changing.

The 54-year-old contestant is said to be desperate to make up with the X Factor judge and tried his best to speak to Cheryl after Sunday’s results show.

Luckily Cheryl’s dressing room door was locked though, as Wagner tried to storm in and apologise as she was undressing.

Mum's the word: Cheryl's mum Joan came along from the ride

Not bad for a girl from a council estate: Cheryl jumped in the car to be chauffeur driven home in a Rolls Royce phantom

The Girls Aloud star is said to be still fuming after the X Factor hopeful made comment to a journalist about her being a ‘girl from a council estate who got lucky’.

Cheryl spoke out on Saturday night’s show as Wagner stood on the stage, saying: ‘Normally I don’t have anything constructive to say to you, but I’ve heard this week you have been making some comments about me to the Press about being from a council estate.

‘I am very proud of my roots and I am very, very, lucky. But if I was to give you any constructive advice it would be don’t focus on everybody else or how lucky I am, but how lucky you are to be on that stage tonight.’

Home time: Wagner and Simon Cowell leave the X Factor studio, but while Wagner can't stop smiling, Cowell was unhappy about Cheryl's personal outburst

Bottom two: Cher seen leaving the studio smiling after scraping through, while Paije was seen leaving with his bag packed after being booted off the show

Wagner quickly defended himself by telling her not to believe what she reads in the Press, but Cheryl had already seen red.

Simon Cowell was not happy about Cheryl’s personal outburst on the judging panel and a production source told the Daily Mirror: ‘Simon has made it clear he doesn’t think the judges should be attacking the contestants on the show in a personal way.

‘You are supposed to comment on the performance and the singing, so he didn’t like that Cheryl got personal.’

Congratulations: Simon Cowell gives Katie Waissel a hug after she managed to stay out of the bottom two this weekend

Still in the competition: Katie Waissel left the X Factor studio with a smile on her face last night

But despite Cowell’s disapproval, the 27-year-old Geordie thought she had to defend herself after feeling that Wagner used the term ‘to grow up on a council estate’ in a derogatory way.

After Wagner’s failed attempted to clear the air with Cheryl last night, the pair are still not on speaking terms.

Cheryl won’t be able to avoid him for long though, after he sailed through to the next round, while Paije Richardson, 19, was kicked out on last night’s elimination show.

Fiery temper: Cheryl Cole hit back at Wagner on Saturday night's X Factor after hearing he spoke of her growing up on a council estate

Charmer: Wager told Cheryl she had the 'manners of a princess' and denied he said she was 'just a girl from a council estate who got lucky' to a newspaper

Back track: But Wagner defended himself saying he thought she was a role model and an inspiration to people

source: dailymail

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